Spring gardening tips: When you can finally start planting

We’ve finally hit our spring stride. It’s been above freezing for over several days in row and even temps in the 60s have been forecasted. This […]

Tips for Retaining Water in Gardens and Containers

In fact, not just practical solutions, but economical, feasible, already-have-the-answer-in-my-garage solutions. A master gardener with Phipps Conservatory since 1999, Holt often speaks at gardening groups in […]

The Health Benefits of Gardening

As spring comes to half the world, many people can enjoy the new growth that comes with warmer weather. This is a great time to get […]

Growing Jasmine Inside Your House

Of the many sorts of jasmine, there is one that emerges as an indoor plant: J. polyanthum. This delightful plant passes by various regular names (pink […]