Facebook to Exempt Opinion & Satire From Fact-Checking: Report

Fact-checkers currently have nine rating options to review content and satire and opinion are part of those options. Facebook is reportedly planning to exempt opinion pieces […]

NASA Video Shows a Black Hole Ripping Apart an Unfortunate Star the Size of Our Sun

The star was eventually sucked into oblivion in a rare cosmic occurrence that astronomers call a tidal disruption event. The star was 375 million light-years away […]

NASA in Megadeal With Lockheed for Moon Mission

The megadeal calls for a first phase including three capsules for $2.7 billion, for Artemis missions III to V. NASA on Monday earmarked almost $3 billion […]

How a Gigantic Collision in Space Triggered an Ice Age on Earth 466 Million Years Ago

Scientists on Wednesday said dust spawned by a gigantic collision in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter 400 million years earlier triggered an ice age […]