Nervous Mother Leaves Note on Counter. Cashier Reads It and Calls The Police

Bruce Dean was a hard working cashier at a convenience store in a gas station. One day his life changed when a woman asked Dean for pen and paper. She quickly wrote something down and left a note on his counter. When Dean read it, he could only do one thing: call the police. Everyone in his town now knows Dean as a real hero.

Bruce Dean lived in Tacoma, Washington. When he was still at school, he didn’t have good grades and he never attended college. He knew he had to work hard though to pay his bills. Because he didn’t have a strong academic background, he did not have a lot of options. Dean took on a job as a cashier in a gas station convenience store. The work itself was boring and Dean had to work during nights.

Dean was the best cashier at the store. He was always friendly with the customers and knew his way around the cash register like no one else. Yet sometimes Dean was bored, he sometimes thought of looking for another job. It also didn’t help that his friends made fun of him for having such a dull job. They all had nice jobs, one was a teacher, another a nurse. Dean hated when his friends critiqued his job, but he started to think that they may be right, that his job really was pointless.

Then one day a woman stood at his counter and asked for some paper and a pen. She wrote a note and left it there. When Dean read it, he immediately called the police. On the note, the woman had written: “call 911, DV, baby in car” followed by a license plate number. The woman’s boyfriend was a wanted criminal.  He had threatened her and her baby and without Dean’s quick reaction, something horrible might have happened. Now everyone knows about Dean’s heroic act and he is proud of his cashier job.