Look no further, we have all the small garden ideas you need

We’ve chatted to the experts, scoured the archives, and sought out the most inspirational small garden design ideas. You may not be blessed with a huge outdoor space but that’s not to say you can’t be creative with what you do have. With a little design know-how even the smallest back lawn, the most petite of patios or the tiniest of balconies can become an enjoyable place in which to spend time. Trick the eye with a colour scheme or clever use of lighting, make a feature of foliage, or simply adorn the small space with inviting accessories. Look no further, we have all the small garden ideas you need.

Country style in London

The founder of JamJar flowers knows how to create a beautiful garden, even in a small space. This garden at her Brixton house has a romantic, countryside feel thanks to furniture gathered from various antiques markets.


Sculpture garden

Curator and potter Joanna Bird has turned her garden into an exhibition space, where modern sculpted ceramics meet calming evergreens. In the foreground is a bed of blue and mauve plants, including alliums and perovskia.


Townhouse terrace


This chic Belgravia townhouse features a compact paved area with a large mirror to visually enlarge the space. Modern furniture is balanced by an abundance of climbing plants softening the walls.

Clapboard charm


The outside of Cameron Kimber’s house in New South Wales is covered in charming clapboard. Gravel, generous tubs, and a lovely white bench come together to create a welcoming entrance to the house.

Wisteria Loggia


Grasses are planted in front of the original wisteria-hung loggia at this house designed by William Smalley, while a stone table makes a great permanent dining space.



Patterned paving


Diamond pattern paving leads back to a shady seating area in the garden of a timeless townhouse in Bray decorated by Christopher Howe.


Courtyard Garden & Roof Terrace


Two adjoining town houses were combined to create this modern Chelsea home. The buildings had an unusual formation in that they were each shaped around a courtyard garden in the centre. When the dividing fence between the two gardens was removed, the effect was to create a central courtyard in roughly the shape of a keyhole. This quirky feature has become the focus and defining element of the new layout. Inspired planning of fenestration means that, from every aspect of the house, you have glimpses and vistas of this intriguing space, as well as several points of access to it.


Elegant extension


This elegant sunroom is an addition to a Wiltshire farmhouse, standing in its own paved area with a collection of pots and lush flowerbeds.

Small Roof Garden With Decking


This roof garden in west London was designed by Adolfo Harrison Gardens in collaboration with interior designers Maddux Creative. The design was based on the four classical elements of water, fire, air and earth which can be seen in the water-blade feature, bio-fuel fireplace, western red cedar and basalt stone cladding.