Five cool things to help you beat the summer heat

It is always nice to see the summer sun arrive each year. But when the mercury starts to rocket, you may be left longing for the cold weather. Here are five products that should help you beat the scorching temperatures.

EvaChill EV-500 Personal Air ConditionerStack Commerce

EvaChill EV-500 Personal Air Conditioner
EvaChill is a desktop AC that brings cool air to any room. It can drop the local temperature by 59ºF in just 10 minutes, while filtering out dust and pollen from the air. The device is perfect for your bedroom or home office.

Stalwart Portable Hammock with Frame Stand & Carrying BagStack Commerce

Stalwart Portable Hammock with Frame Stand & Carrying Bag
When you want to find a comfortable spot in the shade, Stalwart makes life easier. You can set up this hammock anywhere thanks to the supplied frame, and it’s light enough to carry anywhere.

HyperChiller V2 Rapid Beverage CoolerStack Commerce

HyperChiller V2 Rapid Beverage Cooler
In weather like this, a cool drink is always welcome. Thanks to a unique design, HyperChiller lets you chill any beverage by 130 degrees in just one minute. What’s more, the leak-proof lid makes it ideal for taking to work. Y

Whirlwind Cool Blade-Less Mini FanStack Commerce

Whirlwind Cool Blade-Less Mini Fan
This innovative gadget provides a cooling breeze wherever you need it. Whirlwind is small enough to fit inside any handbag, and the blade-less design makes it both safe and efficient. It also offers three fan speeds and phone charging.

EvaSMART 2 Smart Personal Air ConditionerStack Commerce

EvaSMART 2 Smart Personal Air Conditioner
If you have a larger room to cool, try EvaSMART 2. This desktop beast can cover 33 feet, reducing the temperature via evaporative cooling. In addition, EvaSMART integrates with your smart home set-up and the device is surprisingly quiet.