7 Sleep Gadgets To Help You Sleep Better

Do you wake up every morning feeling lethargic even if you head to bed early? As much as clocking in at least seven hours of sleep is important, so is the quality of your rest—it doesn’t count if you spend half the time tossing and turning, or waking up countlessly in the middle of the night.

Sleeping might not seem like much, but it is vital to everyone’s mental and physical health, which is why there is ongoing research on the impact of sleep that has led to creating scientifically-backed solutions to improve sleep quality.

If natural solutions like aromatherapy aren’t working for you, why not give these sleep-optimising devices and gadgets a try?

Bose Noise-Masking Sleepbuds
Already known for its high-quality audio technology—including superb noise-cancelling headphones—Bose has put its expertise to good use with these noise-masking sleepbuds. These earbuds look no different from regular Bluetooth earbuds and fit snugly within your ear.

But instead of streaming your favourite playlist, the sleepbuds mask common disruptive noises with Bose’s own selection of “soothing sounds”. You can select the sound via Bose’s Sleep app, and set a timer for how long you want it to play, or even set an alarm so the sleepbuds can wake you gently—without waking up your companion.

Philips SmartSleep
At first glance, the design of Philips SmartSleep may put you off. The device is a headband that is wrapped around your forehead while you sleep, which, firstly does not sound comfortable, and secondly, is not exactly the most flattering headpiece in the bedroom.

But here’s how it works: SmartSleep aims to help you feel more rested and energetic with the same amount of sleep you typically get by promoting longer deep sleep periods. The headband does this by detecting when you have entered slow-wave sleep during deep sleep, and then enhancing these slow waves by playing rhythmic tones through the integrated headphones. Paired with a mobile app, the device does an excellent job at monitoring your sleep patterns and quality of sleep as well, so you can make positive changes to your daily routine.

Somnox Sleep Robot
Meet Somnox, the world’s first sleep robot—and a cuddly one, at that. While it make look similar to a regular bolster, this smart device is actually designed to help users “sleep faster, sleep longer, and wake up refreshed”.

The robot uses simulated human breathing rhythms based on factors like gender and age, that will help users to relax. When they cuddle up with it, users subconsciously synchronise with the soft and steady breathing tempo. Soothing sounds are also played, such as heartbeats, lullabies, white noises, and even guided meditation, which can be selected from the accompanying app.

Dreamlight Pro
Touted as the world’s smartest sleep mask, Dreamlight Pro looks almost like a virtual reality headset. Worn over your face, the futuristic mask blocks out 100 per cent of outside light, and uses light therapy to lull you into sleep. Four embedded speakers on the sides set the scene for your restful slumber, whether it is the patter of rainfall, or the quiet rustling of leaves in the forest.

Dreamlight Pro also helps to monitor your sleep so you can get the best insights. You can even opt for a DNA test which allows Dreamlight to give you advice based on your genetic sleep profile.

Umay Rest
If you didn’t already know, long hours in front of brightly-lit screens are detrimental to our body—and that includes our eye health and sleep hygiene. Umay Rest is designed to fix just that, using thermotherapy. The device sits above your eyes, with three modes to “restore, relax and refresh”.

The Restore treatment uses thermal energy to relieve eye strain and irritation, while the Relax treatment utilises heat and gentle vibration patterns—what they call thermal meditation—to pace your breathing and promote restful sleep. As for Refresh, cooling thermal therapy is used instead to reduce puffiness and revitalise tired eyes, kind of like pressing cold spoons on your eyes to freshen up in the morning.

The Pod by Eight Sleep
We’ve heard of ergonomic beds for better sleep and posture, but Eight Sleep takes it further with this smart bed. Not only is the memory-foam mattress designed to relieve pressure points and support spinal alignment for different body types, the Pod allows you to adjust the temperature of your bed from 13 to 46 degrees celcius.

And if you’re sleeping with a companion, there’s no need to fight over the air conditioner remote—the temperature can be adjusted on each side of the bed so that it’s neither too hot or too cold for both of you. If you sign up for the 8Plus sleep fitness membership (free for the first year), you’ll also receive analytics based on your sleep, diet and activity, as well as content and coaching to improve your sleep.

Rocking Bed
If all else fails, throwback to the comforting memory of being a baby, when you never had problems falling asleep. Like an infant’s crib, the Rocking Bed sways gently to help you relax and fall into sleep.

This is done using CNC cut wood frame fitted with a quiet motor, which replaces the box spring of your mattress. While the idea of a rocking bed seems almost too simple, it might just be what it takes for a good night’s sleep. The motion of gentle rocking has been proven to reduce stress, improve sleep, treat motion sickness and improve circulation.